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Unlike an advertisement, where the audience is passive, in our game the player has an active role and dives into the discovery of the film industry. It is hard, risky and costly for such an industry to change their communication methods. Therefore, we offer an easy and modern alternative to traditional media. Our game can promote a movie already available in theaters or coming soon. It encourages interaction between creators, distributors, and viewers because, during the management of the cinema, the player will have the opportunity to play several mini-games related to specific movies and discover their plot (see the teaser). This takes the movie to another level since the customer's experience does not end when the movie does but can go further and get complete. This can involve the public even before it considers to see the movie or to discover more about its plot, the hidden details, and the director's intentions.

We are a small studio and we are currently developing "Movierooms", a business simulation game for PC and mobile. The player is the owner of a movie theater, where the daily goal is to manage the employees, satisfy the customers, choose the films to screen and maintain the structure. The adventure starts with the first Nickelodeon in 1906 and goes on until today. An entertaining game where simple curiosities reveal a new way of seeing how everything has changed through the years.

The conception of a personalized level for a movie is teamwork: together, we think about which scenes and details could work as a mini-game, as a storyline, what can make this level a concrete addition to viewers' experience. Then, the gameplay of each of our mini-games is tailored to this particular idea to ensure the unity of the intention and the realization.

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