Manage your own cinema through time!

Discover the characters that made the history of cinema and make your personal establishment grow and flourish through the years!

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The independent studio MAD PUMPKINS (located in Montpellier and involved with the production of management and simulation games) was created thanks to the meeting between Arianna, graphic designer and art director, Marie Legrand, game designer and developer, and Alexandre Gomes, videomaker and expert in the film industry. The adventure began in autumn 2018 and, like pumpkins, all ideas and projects realized by the studio are different in shape, color and characteristics. One of the main goals is the enhancement of the film heritage through videogame, whence the birth of Movierooms (a cinema-based business management game for PC and MacOS). The studio, currently always working but remotely, is looking for funding to pursue the development of the game.

In Movierooms the player runs his/her own movie theater from early 1900s up to the present day, making it evolve and facing not only daily activities (film programming, choice of advertisements, maintenance, employee management and customer satisfaction) but also historical issues, such as the arrival of TV, war, illegal streaming, new technologies and communication systems. While having fun, the player will discover forgotten trivia and know the people that wrote the history of cinema. Part of the cultural-historical material (posters, silent short films and historic extracts as well as further required historical documentation) shall be integrated in the game in 2021, year of production, as soon as we raise sufficient funds for the implementation.

Graphic designer/illustrator for 6 years, member of Women in Games Italie et France, she worked for Serious Factory as infographic and 2D designer in Paris. At the end of 2018, she became president of MAD PUMPKINS Game studio (where she actually works as Art Director) to continue the differents projects.

SKILLS: Agile management, communication design, gamification, serious games, UX/UI design, concept art, 2D/3D assets, character and environmentr at, lover of independent videogames, animation movies and cinema.

Game developer and DG (co-founder) of Mad Pumpkins. She also work for the french game studio NaturalPad. She is a board member of Push Start and active member of Women In Games. She enjoys coffee and a good old game jam anytime.

SKILLS: Mobile Games Unity, Gameplay Implementation, User Interface, Android, iOS, Prototyping, DPI, Advertising Integration Game Design Gaming, Coherence, Gameplay and UI design, Taking into account technical and time constraints.

Video editor since 4 years, he works in freelance for a variety of companies and also made 5 short movies. He co-founded Mad Pumpkins to associate his passions for video games and his knowledge in video, cinema and communication.

SKILLS: Video captation, video editing, VFX, Communication strategies, script-writering, project management, History of cinema.

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